The Fourth Branch (Paperback)

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A divided population... A close, bitter election.... When neo-Nazi Leopold Stolze is elected President of the United States, he uses the power of his office to mold the country to his right-wing ideals. In this modern-day political thriller, Leopold's campaign for the presidency against Democratic rival Kenneth Orion is bitter and divisive, and the election is one of the closest in American history. Leopold, however, sees his victory as a mandate to pursue his racist agenda. He also has a majority in Congress that rubber stamps his initiatives, from his Cabinet picks to legislation that excludes certain immigrants. To make matters worse, Leopold has a legion of vocal supporters who burst into violence across the country. But Leopold did not count on the rest of the American people rising up against him. As each stage of his agenda is promulgated, protestors spill into the streets across the country. Specific Americans also act in ways they never thought they would. In Washington, D.C., government attorney Rachel White joins Catholic priest Brian Esposito in sheltering those targeted by Leopold's policies. When her religion disqualifies her from a job at the White House, Rachel retaliates against Leopold's Chief of Staff. At the same time, the nation's courts block Leopold's most important legislation, and the House of Representative's Democratic minority attempts to impeach him. When the two other branches of government fail to impede Leopold's agenda, however, history teacher Thomas Chrichtas realizes that only the most radical of plans will stop Leopold in his tracks.

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ISBN: 9781731134059
ISBN-10: 1731134053
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: January 8th, 2019
Pages: 284
Language: English